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I didn't mean to be retahded

Name- Kirsten [pronounce K+ears+tin.Yes,this is important.You would be suprised how many people call me Kristen or Krearstin or other mutations of my name.]

Age- 21.

Location-West Chester,PA .Its a little college town about 30 minutes from Philly.

Why do you like White Oleander? The book was beautifully written. I empathized with attaching ones self to the one who causes the most pain. I sympathize with all the fucked up things Astrid went through. And I'm a fellow artist. Its cliche,butI expressed alot of angst and pain through artwork. I didn't/don't do the recreationl drug use or promiscuous sex,so artwork was one of my few outlets.

Other interests? Drawing,Poppy Z Brite novels,reading whatever I get my hands on,painting,Courtney Love and Hole,girls with attitude,feminism-but not to the point of being militant,Alt rock,hello kitty,tophats,dark eyeliner,etc. If you're so inclined check out my intersts on my LJ info.

Anything Else? If anyone can post close up pictures of the suitcases at the end of the movie version of White Oleander I would be greateful. That was my favorite part of the movie.
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GAHH sorry but thats the wrong form .. >.< Im part of this community and this other one, _whiteoleander_ and its much more
active so join .. I thought you were from there thats why!
ohhhhhhh.I didn't think I saw a form for the janetfitch community! See! I'm not batty after all!
i have something that might be helpful... ;)

look here:
wow. I posted this a LONG time ago. Thanks for the link,though!