monstermash00 (monstermash00) wrote in janetfitch,

Hey, I just joined this community not even two seconds ago. I realize that people haven't posted in a long while so I figured I make a beginners post to hopefully: 1. Get people to know that I, too, love White Oleander 2.Have some active conversations posting (haveing people remember that this community still exists).

So, my name is Amanda. I am nineteen (twenty in February). I just read White Oleander over the summer and fell in love with it. I have seen the movie previously to the book, though I preffer the book versus the movie.

I have a few questions for people (hopefully this will get this community in use again):

1. Who is your favorite Character in the book?
2. What are your personal thoughts on the book?
3. Have you seen the movie? If so what are your opinions on it?
4. Movie v. Book, which one do you preffer and why?

I may think of more later, but this will do for now. :)
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